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  • Night Perfume : Best perfume for night & evening

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    As the sun sets and the moonlight creeps in, we’re drawn to a different kind of scent. Something darker, more mysterious – a scent that heralds in a time for mystery, for hidden desires and fantasies. It’s a time when the inhibitions of the day are left behind, and we’re free to be whoever we want to be. In other words, the perfect time to wear a night perfume that perfectly captures your seductive nocturnal alter ego.

    From smoldering musks to tantalizing florals, Dossier’s collection of night perfumes offers everything you need to make a striking statement. These night scents effortlessly exude an air of mystery and allure – the perfect elements for a night of fiery passion. So go ahead and explore the darker side of beauty. Shop today.

    Women Ambery Vanilla Inspired by YSL's Black Opium - dupe knock off imitation duplicate alternative fragrance
    Unisex Spicy Orchid Inspired by Tom Ford's Black Orchid - dupe knock off imitation duplicate alternative fragrance

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